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Introduction: Bloody Body Parts

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Step 1: Materials

Red, light brown / tan (skin tone), dark brown, black spray paint
Expansion foam
Mannequin or any fake limbs
Tie wire. (Mechanics wire)

Step 2: Building It Out

Starting off i forgot to take pics while building this out. So do give a description on how i got this to look this way is as follows. I used the tie wire to kind of give the expansion foam a place to form to. To make it looks like tendons hanging down. I then filled all the large gaps with newspaper so to not use as much foam. Once that was done and the tie wire was bent into the position u want, hit it with the expansion foam the best u can

Step 3: Paint Your Body

First couple of coats i sprayed the main body tan/light brown. U can use what ever color u prefer. I used what i had left over in the garage from last halloween. Once dry i sprayed all the foam with a good solid coat of red spray paint. Once done i then went and lightly hit random spots on the body with red to look like bruises. Then used the black paint on the bloody areas and bruises areas to look better. Lastly used the dark brown and use it lightly / splatter effect to look like dried up blood spots

Step 4: More Ideas ...

I used the same techniques on these boots as i did the on body above. U can most likely do this with any kind of clothing or footwear. I was thinking of trying out a pair of jeans but thats for a another time.

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