Bloody Eye Ball




Introduction: Bloody Eye Ball

This Instructable will teach you how to make a gruesome looking Bloody eye out of a few simple materials and tools.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Small Eyeball sized Styrofoam Balls / or Ping Pong Ball's
Fishing String
Hot Glue
Clear Packing Tape
Colored Markers/ Red, Blue, Yellow
Printed copy of  "Terra's Halloween Eyes"

Hot Glue Gun
Razor Knife

Step 2: Making a Good Pupil

1 Decide what color and type of eye you want to use

2 Cut your eye's out with your razor knife

3 Trim the eye with your scissors

4 Cut a small piece of Packing tape and place your eye color down onto the sticky side of the tape as a protective film, this will insure the color does not rub off

Step 3: Constructing the Eye

1 Take your foam ball or ping pong ball "in my case Christmas ornament" and prepare it for the project

2 Take your pupil and form it into a convex shape

3 With your glue gun make a small dot of glue on your eyeball

4 place your pupil on top of the glue, be sure not to press the pupil down flat to the surface
"it looks better raised in the center"

Step 4: Making the Vein's

1 Cut your Fishing string into 3" strips " I cut about 10 of them"

2 Place them all together so they are the same length at one end

3 Take a pen and poke a small hole in your FAKE eye "Opposite side of pupil"

4 With your glue gun put some glue in the hole and insert the flush ends of  fishing string inside of the eye and allow to dry.

Step 5: Make It Gruesome

1 Draw some Red veins from the strings up to about the middle of the eye

2 Draw some Blue veins just above the red ones

3 Color around the Red and Blue veins with some yellow just for looks

4 Place your eye on a piece of paper and color the strings Red with some touches of blue and yellow for contrast

Step 6: Looking Good

1 Take your glue gun and very slowly trace over the red colored veins with a small raised line of glue repeat this over the Blue veins too

2 Holding the eye with the pupil facing up run your glue gun down each piece of fishing line coating it with glue try not to let them touch until dried "if they do no worries its all good" that will just add to the look in the end

3 Add some glue to the base of the strings just to tie everything together and bulk it up a bit

4 Add a thin layer of glue around the outer edge of the pupil

Step 7: Finishing Touches

1 With your colored markers touch up all the veins to make the eye look a little more realistic and brighten it up a bit

2 Use your Yellow marker to color up the sides of the eye a little for that Dead look

3 That's it all done

Step 8: Finished Project

And that's that.......
A pretty realistic looking eye that will have people thinking you  just ripped it from the head of a fresh corpse 

Enjoy ans stay tuned for my next Project  ????????   Coming soon

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    Some Dork
    Some Dork

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I used it as an embellishment for one of my decorations and it really adds a lot, thanks for sharing.

    I changed up your method for the "nerve endings" a little bit and ran the glue down the fishing string with the glue gun itself. This made the string melt and curl up a bit. Then I held it straight a bit while the glue cooled and it gave the strands a more twisted look. :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks I do my best, Please rate and vote
    "BTW I really like the frozen bottle idea on your page"