Bloody Knuckles, Better Version

Introduction: Bloody Knuckles, Better Version

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Hello, this is how I play bloody knuckles

It is a fun way to play with more people and requires either no skill or lots of skill if that makes sense

Step 1: How to Play

This version of Bloody Knuckles only requires 1 quarter or nickel.

One person spins the coin on a table or any flat surface. Then the other person has to touch it and keep the coin spinning. You can flick it, swipe it or touch it lightly, whatever it takes

This process goes back and forth until someone touches it and the coin stops spinning and falls over.

When this happened the person who made it fall has to line up their knuckles and the other person takes the coin and swipes and releases the coin so it hits the persons knuckles.

First one to bleed, wins

Step 2: Rules

The rules to this game are if the coin falls on the ground then it means the same thing as falling over, you get "knuckled"

Even the slightest bit of blood on your fingers means you lose

And if more people join the newcomer touches it first, I recommend from 2 to 6 players

Step 3: Done

Now you know how to play Bloody Knuckles my way.

I use this at lunch or during breaks

Have fun! PS, the coin hurts



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    11 Discussions

    lol we play till the pain is too much, you give in you lose. my knuckles are scarred

    This game is old school but fun as hell. However you mention early in the article "first to bleed, wins" then later say "showing even the slightest blood and you lose" I know it's first to bleed loses. Fun game tho

    You're not Russell Wilson, get out of here!!!!

    We usually get together after home games and have dinner in Downtown Seattle or something. I'll bring a quarter!

    Thanks so much Dangerusswilson! I'm glad you came to my page!!

    Cool, I'll teach this to the team! Great idea Boredomkiller!

    This isn't true bloody knuckles, it's an interesting alternative. I like it!

    Haha I know guys, but you get used to it

    Lol awesome, hurts like hell

    Follow me for more upcoming "boredom killers"