Bloody Skull Pillar




Introduction: Bloody Skull Pillar

This is how i built one of my Halloween decorations


Water pump or two

Tube that will fit your pump and a T for the tubing

Styrofoam skull

Styrofoam board

Acrylic craft paint

Nails that will work for the thickness of the styrofoam board

A bowl like object to collect the blood

Drywall mud

Wood Glue

Fake Blood


Sawzall blade

Steel or brass brush

Drill and a long bit that is just a little bigger than your tubing

Hair dryer

Cheap paint brush


Step 1: Starting Out

Cut 3 pieces with the sawzall blade the same size to the height and with that you want your pillar

Using your marker mark out the spot for your skull make it a little smaller than your skull
Cut it out and work around the opening until it fits the skull just the way you want it to.

Step 2: Assembly Part 1

apply glue to one of the sides, and push your nails into the side they will act like a temporary clamp while also adding strength to the pillar. now flip it over and do the same to the other side.
after thats done use clamps to hold it together while the glue dries.

Step 3: Design

After the glue has set you need to mark out how you want the stones to look you will use your wire brush to cut out the grout marks . Then take a hair dryer and heat the grout lines to the harden the Styrofoam this will also add texture to the edges of the stone.

Cut out the spot for your blood collector and take a piece left over from cutting out your sides and place it inside the pillar use nails to hold it in place this will help hold your collector in place. Now mount a second on at the back of the pillar this will be to stake your pillar to the ground. Make sure to test out your water pump or pumps to see that they will pump to the height you are wanting before cutting out this spot. As you can see I had to use two pumps.

Step 4:

Drill out the spot that you want you blood to flow out of. clean the holes out with anything you can i used an air nozzle stick the tubing into the holes do not glue them in place. Put in the T connector and run tubing to the pump. Now you need to test your pillar out before you mount the skull to make sure the blood will flow down into the collector. Once you have the skull right where it needs to be mount in in place with a few nails and add some glue. Take some drywall mud and fill in the gap between the skull and the pillar i left the nails in place to add strength to it as the mud is likely to crack.

Step 5: Finshing Up

Paint the stones on the pillar to the color you have picked out if you keep the grout lines free of paint then you will not need to paint them.

Take the pillar out side hook up your pump or pumps pour in your blood and creep out the kids. I used a remote outlet so i could turn on and off the pumps.

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    3 years ago

    simple & effective. i like it


    9 years ago on Introduction

    hhhmmmm a pair of these flanking our drawbridge would be soooooooo cool ! FANTASTIC idea !