Bloody Art (pomagranate)




About: Well, i've been know as almost a mastermind for my tool set of pocket size pain inducers such as various small voltage tasers, pressure point squeezers, and sonic grenades.

how to make cool prints by squishing pomagranates on paper.
the pdf file is the finished product click on it to see how it turns out.

please comment this instructable. creative critisicm and questions are valued.

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Step 1: Prepare for a Mess

yeh might want to put a plastic tarp or newspaper under your work space beacuase pomagranate juice is sticky, red, and will stain carpets *dont do it over carpet*

Step 2: Paper Setup

i used a window (stupid i know) i taped the piece of paper with masking tape. i would use a stronger tape than scotch becuase it falls of when it gets wet. just tape it to a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: Juice Up Your Art

cut your pomagranate open by sliding a knife into the skin and making a connected cut around the fruit. use your hands and simply crack the fruit in half. wear a shirt that you dont want or for guys dont wear a shirt at all. this is becuase when you break open the fruit it tends to break some of the seeds wich send juice flying. if you havent seen a pomagrante or eaten one remove half of the seeds and place them in a bowl.

Step 4: Dribble

i would suggest putting on some eyegear becuase these seeds are tiny juice artillery cannons. take one of the seeds and press firmly until the casing breaks and the juice begins to run down the page. if the droplet of juice just hangs there blow on it lighly to start it running. repeat. repeat. repeat. ect. until you think its done.

Step 5: Sharpietize Me Captain

I know your excited, but let your painting dry!. if your that eager use a blow dryer (thats what i did). just outline all of the drops with an extra-fine sharpie.

Step 6: ALL DONE!

well there is the finished product! by the way it will look different from mine. experiment with different ways of placing the paper and getting the juice on the paper. to see mine go to step one and click the pdf file.

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      11 years ago on Introduction

      Awesome effect, I'm just not going to ask for your inspiration! This will look good as a background for spaced collaging, or in the background of a flyer. Or maybe invite some friends into helping and doing a wall full! This seems like it would do well on unfinished drywall. Thanks for the idea!


      11 years ago on Introduction

      Yes, but why would you waste a pomegranate by using it for something other than eating? They are so divinely delicious.

      1 reply

      11 years ago on Introduction

      But maybe you should take your own pictures rather than just stealing them from random sites on internet?

      1 reply

      Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

      youre right this was kind of a project that i did a while ago and never considered adding it. the current instructable im working on is all my own photography. plus the internet pictures all had creative commons liscences meaning they allow others to use them, still godd point.