Blooming Flower Toy




Introduction: Blooming Flower Toy

In this instructable, I am going to show you how to 3D print your very own blooming flower toy complete with gears so that your toy is fully functional !

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Step 1: Exploded View of Bloom Flower Toy:

The following picture is of an exploded view of the blooming flower toy. Beside them are numbers that correspond to their 3D printing files.

Step 2: 3D Print Files (Numbers Correspond to Exploded View Chart):

Below are a list of 3D print files with numbers that correspond to the numbered parts in the exploded view chart in the previous step.
(*Notes: - Print file '5B' 2x
                - Make sure you use objet printing method for all parts except for parts 7 & 8, which should be printed using polypropylene       plastic.)

Step 3: Sanding:

After all parts have been printed, you will want to sand down all parts of the toy except the inside of the pot in order to create a smooth finish. Start with 100 or 150 grit sandpaper and progressively use lower number grit sandpaper. 

Step 4: Supergluing:

Use superglue to glue the two #5B parts, or buttons, to the lower side legs of part #5 as demonstrated in diagram.

Step 5: Prime Time:

Spray a light coat of Rustoleum brand grey primer onto all surfaces of each part except inside the two halved pots. Let dry for 3 hours.
And if you are wondering why the toy is assembled before painting, it is simply because I could not wait to put it together. Normally, you would paint all the parts and then assemble.

Step 6: Spray Painting:

Spray paint all parts with desired Rustoleum brand spray paint with an even layer of spray paint. Let dry for 5 hours before assembly. 

Step 7: Assembly Process:

This section will walk you through all the steps of assembly.

Step 8: Bloom Flower Toy in Motion (Video):

This is a video of the Bloom flower toy in action! All you have to do is simultaneously push the two side buttons inwards and move them up or down to bloom, or close up the flower.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    very nice,I was thinking about making a blooming flower my self. Well done!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Owwww, nice project! We were thinking along the same lines, I think. Have a look at my 3d-printed push puppet:

    Cheers! Y.