Blouse Back Neck Designs - How to Get It Done

Blouses have evolved into fashion statements in their own right. From the most alluring ones to dazzling thousand dollar ones with embedded crystals and gems. Blouses have become the most important aspects of Indian wear. From accentuating and complementing the look of the saree to actually becoming a statement of its own - blouses have become the latest trend in fusion fashion. They have been teamed up with lehengas and even skirts and jeans at many hep and happening fashion shows around the world. So here's a video guide on how you can decide and design one for yourself!

Step 1: Know What Suits You Best

It is always important to know what kind of blouse goes well with you saree. It is actually the most important thing - one that can make or break your complete look. Here are a few blouse back neck designs ideas - that can help you in deciding what works best for you. This is the first step - to know what you exactly want your look to be and if it will suit your saree and the overall theme.

Step 2: Here's How Its Actually Done

A comprehensive video of how it's actually done. Though you'd need an experienced hand at tailoring, trying it out on your own is still worth giving a shot. Watch the full video to understand how the stunning blouses for Indian sarees are designed and stitched.



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