Step 1: Items Needed

-6ft 1/2in pvc pipe
-any kind of big nail you can find around your house
- camo tape
-zip ties

Step 2: Measure Shooting Tube

Measure to 24 inches long.

Step 3: Cut Shooting Tube

Cut the tube where you marked it off at with bandsaw

Step 4: Measure Left Over Pvc Pipe

Measure out 6 4" inch tubes for the extra ammo

Step 5: Cut Ammo Holders

Make the cut with the bandsaw at the 4" inch mark.

Step 6: Tape

Wrap camo tape around the shooting tube and ammo tube.

Step 7: Zip Tie

Zip tie the ammo holders really tight to the shooting tube.

Step 8: Foam

Cut foam into little squares

Step 9: Nails

Insert the nails into the foam and cut down foam if it doesn't shoot nicely through tube.

Step 10: Finish

Put everything together



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