Assassin's Creed Blowgun and Waterproof Reusable Darts and Sheath

in this Instructable you will learn how to make a PVC pipe blowgun and darts.

Step 1: Materials (for Blowgun)

- 1/2 in pvc
- hacksaw
- tape measure
- knife
- fire (or heat source of high temperatures)
- heat resistant gloves

Step 2: Cutting the Barrel

used a hacksaw to cut your PVC pipe to the desired length mine is about two and a half feet. Most people say it's short and won't do much but from what I've seen It shoots really well. I made this one for a person I know who is going to cosplay Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed, I will be cosplaying Ezio Auditore but eventually Edward Kenway. I will be making tutorials on Ezio's equipment.

Step 3: Make and Attach Mouthpiece

Make a fire or use another heat source to make fitting pliable then while it's still pliable put the threaded end over your funnel and let it sit. After it cools put it on your blowgun pipe.

Step 4: Making the Dart

You're going to want to start with two equal sized pieces of duct tape then as the second picture shows fold one corner Sticky Side down almost all the way up then fold top side down over to to to to make to make to make the first half of the dart. Then you want to take the other piece of tape and as shown in picture 5 put it like that and then slowly roll piece of tape around Dart. then put Dart in the barrel of the blowgun press and enough for a ring to indent on the dart. Then take scissors or a knife and cut along that line. you can either leave it here to just have fun play darts or follow further instruction (but warning they still hurt with just the cone so don't shoot them at each other).

Step 5: Making the Nail Dart

Cut the tip of the darts that you have already made then the put a nail through that hole you can secure it with hot glue but I did not do that just in case the nail gets messed up you can take the nail out and put the dart on another nail.

Step 6: The Sheath

I bought a binder and it came with a shoulder strap to clip to it and the shoulder pad head space in there to put the half inch PVC blowgun and I can comfortably wear it on my back without it wiping all around.



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    2 years ago

    oh, would be nice to paint it like in ac4 with the mayan theme!

    1 reply
    Joey John 9821mchau2

    Reply 2 years ago

    I wanted to do that for him but he said he wanted to personalize it himself