Blowing Up the World in Minecraft Using MCEdit.

Hello, I'm just some random guy on the internet you probably don't know. I like games like BioSh...

Have you ever wanted to blow up the world but didn't want to go through the hassle of placing all that TnT?

I'll be showing you how to blowup the world in minutes!

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Step 1: Download MCEdit.

You will need WinRAR for this.

Just use the link below and unzip the RAR and run MCEdit.exe.

MCEdit Download

Step 2: Select Your World.

Once you have MCEdit open, hit "Load" then find the world you want to blowup.

Step 3: Find the Spot You Want to Blowup.

Find a spot to blowup.

Step 4: Make a Box.

Make a box any size by holding the left mouse button and dragging.

Step 5: Make the Box TnT.

Using the following pictures as a guideline, make the box tnt.

1. Hit the "Fill and Replace" button in your hot-bar.
2. Search for tnt
3. Find it and hit "Ok"
4. Click the "Fill" button

Step 6: Save the Map.

Once you hit fill, the tnt should turn opaque, meaning you can't see though it anymore.

Then hit "Save" and a box should come up. Once the save box is gone, you can exit MCEdit.

Step 7: Find the TnT Box.

Once you load the map, search for the TnT. You will find it sooner or later.

Light it and enjoy!

Step 8: I Hope You Enjoyed This Instructable!

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    2 years ago

    omg cool! i cant wait to try it <3333 keep up the good work :)