Blow Out Eggs With Only One Hole!




Build your eggdrill:
Simply cut a nail (Ø 3mm) and grind the tip to the right format. Just look at the pictures.

Drilling the egg:
Carefully grind through the egg shell. You need only one hole! The drill makes a nice and sharp contoured hole in it.

Blowing out the egg:
Hold the egg in vertical position, with the hole downwards. Put in the needle of the syringe end press air into the egg. The egg gets pressed out of the shell by the air pressure inside the egg. Pull out the syringe an fill it up with air again. Repeat until the eggshell is empty. Fill up the syringe with water and clean the inside of the egg the same way.

Removing stamps on the egg:
If there are stamps on the eggshell, you can rub them off easily with a paper towel and some drops of lemon juice.

Watch my video on youtube:

Happy Easter!



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