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About: kitchen chef 30 year old I start robotic on year ago

blu is a robot working with makeblock motherboard and raspberry for the electronic

for the part list you can buy from makeblock like me a the beginning , now I have a 3d printer (wanahoa i3 +)

and you can download the different part to print them on this website

I start the robot one year ago ,when I start robotic on my day off. I improve it as same time as my knowledge. English isn t my mother langage.


my goal: _all my media on it (music,movie,series tv ,picture)

_ server nas and kodi(raspberry media app) to read them with the hdmi output or with your tablet, computer.

_control it with android apps, raspberry, internet

Step 1: Part List

for this robot you need

_ a raspberry pi 3b +

_ speaker

_ a ps3 cam

_ picoprojector

_battery for the both card

_ wireless keyboard (rii mini8)

_from makeblock**

_me orion

_ 2 me RJ 25 adaptator

_ me bluetooth(optional)

_36mm Codeur DC Motor Pack

_ 3 servo motor

_screw different size

I printed some beam from there and baught the rest

Plastic Timing Pulley 62T 4-Pack


16x Beam0824-192

8x Beam0824-080

8x Bracket 3x3

8x Plastic Timing Pulley 90T For Motor

5x Plate 3 x 6

2x Plate 0324-088

1x Track With Track Axle(40-Pack)

4x Beam0412-044

4x Beam0412-060

PLA filament for the 3d printer

Step 2: Building the Base

the picture will help you to understand me

base:7x Beam0824-192; 7x Beam0824-080; 7x Plate 3 x 6;

Take 1 Beam0824-192, and 1 Beam0824-080 fix together I use the plate 3x6 ; do that with the 6 other.

fix them to make a strong base

backwheel:36mm Codeur DC Motor Pack timing-pulley-90t-blue-4-pack;

ln the pack you have everthing to fix them and the back and pulley as wheel

frontwheel: 1 servo ;1 custom beam;4x Beam0412-044; 2x Beam0412-060; 2x Bracket 3x3; 2x Plastic Timing Pulley 62T ;

I made a servo bearing for the direction

the pulley 90T are fix to 2x Beam0412-044 and a bracket 3x3

fix the Pulley 62T center to the bracket

fix the Pulley 62T top to the base

fix the Pulley 62T bottom to Beam0412-060

fix the Beam0412-060 to the custom beam

repeat the previous part for the second wheel

after you just a to fix the servo to the base and is arm to the custom beam

to finish I fix my hard drive and the hub usb

Step 3: Building Second Part

10x Beam0824-192; 2x custom beam;

on the picture you can see the 10 vertical beam and the 2 custom horizontal: 1 for the picoprojector and 1 for the cam at the front at the back we have a box to put some mess on the cover it s my keyboard older I found it on internet, on the top of the box there is the powerbox to turn on off the robot and the raspberry the batery level display

Step 4: Building Inside

I made some level between the different card to have something more clear

the second picture represent my sound system old broken beats speaker I baught a 5v amplifer and a filtrer

and the last one is my top back left robot covering with usb hdmi and ethernet port

Step 5: Wiring

so I draw a schema it s more easy to understand

Step 6: Programmation

all the link in this part are tuto to help you

there is my arduino skectch(bluorion) and my python script for the raspberry( and

for the rpi

It s on the last raspbian with kodi ,motion

after I create shortcut

I follow a tuto to make a nas with my rpi like that everybody on my wifi have on an access to my video and my music.

I found this one and use the script to control my robot by internet.

Step 7: Modification

so I had few custom pieces

a can holder at the front

I had a tablet holder on the left side (to see my desktop and access to my hard drive),

rii keyboard holder 3d printing (I found it from internet ask me I will give you the link)

a box for the mess behind the keybard holder.

on the right side I put my power supply (for the robot and the video projector)

the power supply:

I buy a laptop power supply like this one I plug it directly on my videoprojector and I plug a dc step down at the battery voltage. after you just have to put a switch battery/power supply.

I change the ultrasonnic sensor and I put 2 other less expensive

I will change my battery 7.4v to 12v and a bigger capacity and I would like to plug it to my raspberry to see the capacity on my desktop



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    That's a neat bot, I look forward to seeing the mods you have planned :)

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    Sorry my english is poor I didn t understand neat. Tank a lot


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    I don t know neat bot I will check on the web