Blue Öyster Cult Pendant

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Don't fear the reaper... join the Congregation!
I always wanted to do something with the Blue Öyster Cult logo! I also love to pick sea shells on the beach (I must admit I never use them)... so I had an idea! Put them together!

Step 1:

Pick some shells on the beach. The bigger the better!

Step 2:

Pick one and paint it blue. I used nail polish because it's a little transparent and you can still see the shell's natural drawings.

Step 3:

Take sharpie (one for marking CDs) and write down the letters. I copied the typography, so you must google Blue Oyster Cult and you'll find the pattern! Finally I drew the symbol. I drew it directly on the shell without patterns or schemes.

Step 4:

I varnished it with Mod Podge. DO NOT USE transparent nail polish cause the letters will melt! Probably other varnishes will work too.

Step 5:

Once it's dried, make a hole with a gimlet. Be patient and do not force it because you can break it. It takes a while...

Step 6:

Insert a piece of wire and make a loop on the top to hang the pendant.

Step 7:

Fill the shell with hot glue. Make sure the wire is covered by the glue to avoid losing it. Let it dry.

Paint the glue with something. I used black nail polish cause the blue one was not dark enough.

Step 8:

Finally, add a ring and put a leather cord through it.

Welcome to the Blue Öyster Cult!

To set yourself in the right mood, listen The Congregation by Alice Cooper... :p (not the best song in the world but quite funny)

Yes! I finally made something with a shell!

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    3 years ago

    this is really cool i think i need to get a gimlet and make this!

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Glad u like it! If u make yours, please upload a picture, I would love to see it :)


    Glad you like it! Sure, you can make some bloody shells or something similar! :p By the way, I love your vampire fang earrings!

    That looks cool! I've never heard of a gimlet before but it sounds handy! I tried to drill holes in some shells a while ago and just managed to break a bit :P

    1 reply

    Thank you! I think a gimlet is a very useful tool. I have mine in my pencil holder just in case I need it... You need a little patient to make the hole but it works!


    5 years ago

    that looks amazing I love the sea so I think this is a really clever way to use the shells in the cupboard

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I'm also a sea lover and I pick shells since I was a kid! I'm happy with this craft because it's not the typical shell pendant (I would never wear). Glad you like it!