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About: I have been egging for about 20 years. Have been to many shows and am very grateful to designers and teachers like Sally Lavan, Helen Corrigan, Gloria Harrison, Marsha Robbins, Joan Huff. Egging is a real ...

The name of this egg is "Blue Bird of Happiness" because when I look at the figurine inside it makes me smile. It is made with a large Rhea egg and covered with small no-hole pearls and 3mm flatback crystals. After putting the basic pattern on the egg and cutting the door and lattice pattern, the door in front opening is hinged and edged with gold braid and pale blue crystal chain.
Inside is glittered with diamond dust. Then the crystal flower design is done (one stone at a time) placed in the planned locations along with the bugle beads, chain and cording at the back, sides and on the front door. Tassel on the door is placed and then the remainder of the egg is covered with the no-hole
pearls (one at a time). The decorated egg is placed on the holder and the finial goes on top. The hand made Blue Bell figurine along with her blue flowers are placed inside. This egg is one of six eggs I have completed this summer.



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    Congratulations on being a Finalist. My Best Wishes to you; your beading work is gorgeous. Carole B.

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    Thank you, Carole B. I have admired your work for years. How do you get that wonderful finish on your eggs? Would love to do the blue egg that you are a finalist with. Congrats to you.

    I think I know who you are, because I have thought all along that I recognized your work, but if you would just list your initials I will know for sure.

    My initials are FH. I would be surprised if you do know me. I do not think we have every been introduced. We have been to shows at the same time and I know you from IEAG.

    Eggs shows are a "dead give away" even thought we may not have been formally introduced... plus I know so many people's work from being at Egg Shows through the years, esp when I was President of IEAG. Thanks, your bead work and the rhinestones are very lovely. Carole B.

    Thanks for being an admirer of my works. That wonderful finish is no longer being made; it was declared environmentally unfriendly. That particular egg was actually done in 1985,and again in 1995, so that finish has lasted a long time. I did use a gas mask when I used the product, and I worked outdoors. The only product that I know of that is similar is Treasure Coat, but I have recently purchased a new product, so if it turns out that it works I will comment about it in the IEAG newsletter, if you belong to the IEAG, and I do hope to be able to create some step by step Instructables. This site seems to be a great location to help aspiring egg artists learn some things at home and instill the art into their souls too!

    That's really cool. I wish I could be able to do stuff like this. I could barely write on an egg. +5/5 stars.