Blue, Grey Smokey Eye Clubbing Makeup Look

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1. First you are going to want to prep your eyes for this look. You can do this with a primer or concealer.

2. Then using a beige colour out of he party girl after hours you are going to want to blend this into your crease.

3. Then using slate out of the lorac pro palette I also blend this into the crease of my eye.

4. Using a smaller blending brush I take the black out of the Party Girl After Hours Palette and blend this into the crease also.

5. Then using a wet brush I use the metallic silver colour out of the same palette and apply this to the lid.

6. I then go back in with the black to replace any colour that might have been lost.

7. I then apply some I liner into a winged liner look I also take this into my waterline.

8. Then using a royal blue colour I apply this under the lower lash line and blend this out. I also bring it out alongside the liner I have applied.

9. Then using some concealer I apply this under the lower brow line. This helps define the brows. I Then apply some white eye shadow to the brow bone to highlight this.

10. You then want to apply some mascara and you favorite lashes and this look is complete.

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