Blue Mullets Semi Auto Blowback RBG Review + Video

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This gun would be my personal choice for a close range battle (like inside a small house or a few rooms). The RBG (rubber band gun) holds 8 rounds and can fire them extremely fast! The RBG is a very "sexy" gun that anyone can build (BM put up an instructions vid).


Range: 35 ft (more if angled + it depends on your bands)

Mag: 8 round internal "drum"

Rof: as fast as you can pull the trigger

Reload: this is the guns only flaw. The reloading of 8 bands takes roughly 45 seconds.

Coolness: 420/420

My YouTube video review +firing link:

Enjoy :)

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    3 years ago

    Seems cool :) I didn't know rbgs can be so good :)