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This rug is crocheted around white braided polyester rope, with worsted weight acrylic yarn. It is easy to do once you learn how the pattern works.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Equipment

This pattern creates a three colour spiral. Any colours of your choice will do. High contrast is best. I used worsted weight yarn, but chunkier yarn would work too. The rope I used is 4mm thick, and the hook is 5.5 mm. If you use heavier yarn, use heavier rope too, and a larger crochet hook. The rug can be made any size. Just stop when you are happy with the size.The glue is for finishing off the ends and making the rug non-slip if desired.

Step 2: Step 2: Make the Centre.

Crochet a chain of 3 in the first colour (navy). Three single crochet in the first chain. Pull the loop on the hook much larger and leave it hanging. Make a slip knot with the second colour (blue). Three single crochet in the same first chain in the first colour. Pull the loop on the hook much larger and leave it hanging. Repeat with third colour (white).

Step 3: Step 3: Add in the Rope and Start the Spiral

Continue with the third colour (white). Two single crochet in each stitch, this time catching in the rope. When you reach the first large loop left behind on the first round (navy), pull out the loop (white) on the hook and switch to the dangling loop (navy). Pull it snug and continue with the round, putting two single crochet in each stitch and catching in the rope. Be careful when switching colours to not catch in the feed yarn of the other colours.

Step 4: Step 4: Continue the Spiral

As you come to around to each hanging loop, leave behind the loop (enlarged) you are working on and switch to the new loop. Pull it snug and proceed. Always catch the rope in and pull it snug. Your stitch is always single crochet. The second round has two single crochet per stitch, i.e an increase every stitch. The third round has an increase every other stitch. The fourth round has an increase every third stitch and so on. Each time you switch colours, count the number of single stitches between increases in the row you are about to crochet into and add one, thereby spacing the increases farther and farther apart.

When you reach 14 single stitches in between increases, add two single stitches between increases each row, so that your increases are spaced 14, 16, 18, 20 etc stitches apart. This keeps the rug flat. Increasing more often makes it ruffly and less often makes it cone shaped. If your rug is developing either shape (ruffly or cone) adjust your increases (less or more) to keep it flat. Remember that if you need to increase less often (too ruffly) you will have to add more stitches between increases.

Step 5: Step 5: Finish Off

When you are happy with the size of your rug, finish off by cutting the rope (burn the end to prevent it from unraveling) and slip stitch each colour into the row before. Tie the ends in reef knots and cut off very close to the knot. Add a drop of sliicone glue to the ends to prevent the knot from slipping. If you want to make the rug non-slip, add long lines of silicone glue to the underside. Done!

Step 6:

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