Blue Tribal Alien Face Paint

Introduction: Blue Tribal Alien Face Paint

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Weird as it sounds, this blue alien is going all tribal warrior!

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Step 1: Step by Step

This is the step by step process on how I painted this ensemble.

1) I started with blue paint all over the face. I used Sky Blue from Snazaroo.

2) Next, I used a bit of a dark blue (Mehron Paradise), and a dark blue shadow (Chaos from Urban Decay Electric Shadow palette) to blend on a few areas of the face.

3) Now, I grab my brush loaded with dark blue paint to draw an upside down triangle with the point going down the nose.

4) Using more dark blue, I painted four triangles across the eyebrows, and three more across the top of the triangle painted in Step 3.

5) Then, I painted a triangle on the nose, and two more triangles on the sides of the nose.

6) Now, I used black (Mehron Paradise) to outline all of the painted triangles.

7) For features, I began with a curved line under the eye, followed by a right side up triangle. Then, I made another curved line following the cheek, and added four upside down triangles underneath the curve. Then, I repeated this step on the other side of the face.

8) Then, I used more black to outline the lips, add a triangle on the chin, and made curved points going up towards the corners of the lips.

9) Finally, I dived back into my dark blue to paint the lips and added more triangles to the side points of the mouth to make it look a little more complicated.

Step 2: Done!

Now, check out my amazing gallery of my finished blue tribal alien face!

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