Blue Flowers Hair Comb




Introduction: Blue Flowers Hair Comb

Today i had free time to make a new tutorials, this hair comb is simple, easy to make and that look a little bit pretty, you also can turn it into earrings, let's make it for beautiful day ! 

Step 1: Materials

Materials :
- 3 Pieces elastic lace, 15 cm long
- 3 White beadeds ( it's depend on your choose for center of flower )
- Needle and thread
- Hair comb base ( or hair pin, hair clips )
- Scissors

Step 2:

 Cut 3 pieces elastic lace about 15 cm long
 Basting along the open edge using a long running stitch 
 At this point you can stitch the flower closed, add a bead at the center
 Make 3 flowers the same
 Put the flower on the hair comb, stitch flower around hair comb closer, 1 by 1, you also can put glue on it 
 ( follow the photos)
 "sorry if my english have some mistake,i'm not a english native, i tried my best to make this tutorials in english (^_^) , please post comment when you don't  understand ! "

Step 3:

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