Blue Stick



A blue LED light stick that really shines.

Step 1:

What you will need:

3x 8mm plugs
3x ultrabright 5mm blue (470nm) LEDs
1x 5/8 (16mm) inch PVC sleeve
1x 5/8 (16mm) inch PVC pipe about 12 inch (30cm)
some wire

Step 2: Drill 3 Small Holes With a 3mm Drill Bit

Drill 3 small holes in the 5/8 inch (16mm) PVC sleeve.

The holes should be just off center in front of the ridge inside the sleeve that holds the PVC pipe going into the sleeve in place.

Step 3: Cut the 8mm Plugs

Cut the 8mm plugs about 3mm from the right end and about 4mm from the left as shown in the picure.

Step 4: Wire the LEDS

- Shorten the LED pins if necessary so the pins won't extend beyond the plug.

- Solder wire onto the pins of the LEDS.

- Pull the wire through the plug and push it inside with a pair of pliers.

Step 5: Place the LEDs in the Sleeve

Pull the wires of each LED through one hole.

Push the plugs inside the sleeve leaving room for the wires to exit the sleeve.

Check the other end and make sure the wires do not pass the ridge inside the sleeve.

Step 6: Solder the Wires Together

Solder the LEDs together in series.

After soldering connect a 9v power source.

In the example shown a 9.5V AC 400mA adapter was used. The alternating current is rectified by 2 diodes and connected to a capacitor. This outputs about 12V so I put in another 3V LED supplying 9V to the 3 LEDs in the sleeve.

Step 7: Connect the Pipe to the Sleeve

Push the pipe into the sleeve and the stick is ready!

Step 8:



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