Blueberry Pancake (Leftover Royal Icing)


Introduction: Blueberry Pancake (Leftover Royal Icing)

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So we made gingerbread house the other day and had some royal icing left stored in the fridge. I added a generous dollop of tbsp into the batter ;-)

Recipe for the royal icing is included!

Step 1: Method

1 1/2 c flour

3 1/2 tsp BP

2 eggs

a generous dollop tbsp of royal icing

1 c of milk

2 tubs of blueberry yogurt (I use Astro brand)

Olive oil

Mix all until smooth

Heat a griddle or pan, spray with olive oil (only to season the pan, so only for the first pancake)

Pour about 1/4 c of batter (1 small soup ladle) and fry on both sides until golden

Place on serving plate and serve right away, as is or with your fav. syrup, jam, chocolate/cream cheese spread


Royal Icing

6 tbsp pasteurized egg whites

4 c icing sugar

Beat egg whites until frothy, then beat in icing sugar a cup at a time until shiny, but don't over beat



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