Bluelock(Intel IOT)

Introduction: Bluelock(Intel IOT)

In the routine busy urban life, we humans have the tendency to forget
things and losing the valuables .In most of the scenario, the person/owner doesn't exactly remember the point of loss and time of loss. Hence to tackle this scenario, we are providing the solution to keep the valuables intact and not to forget things back .

The solution is based on Bluetooth low energy(BLE) technology keeping the valuables safe and intact.The BLE device is connected via the duplex communication with constant handshaking to the smartphone running a custom application meant for tracking things .The application uploads the data of distance between the wearable device and smartphone to the cloud. Once the smartphone and wearable device goes out of range ,the lost location along with the time of loss will be immediately uploaded to the cloud.

The BLE device wiil also having a button to ping the smartphone if the smartphone is lost as one of the usecase.The 'Range' selector option is provided in the application for maintaining the maximum distance from the device.The 'Lost location' button to find out the point of location the things that are lost.'PING' button to ping the BLE device with the buzzer sound.

Intended uses:

1)While Travelling with lots of luggages.

2)Public places.

3)Urban Commuting.

4)Work places and Restrooms.

Unique and Innovative attributes:

1) Power consumption of the wearable device not a big concern.

2) Cost effective solution with ready to market.

3) Seamless Integration.

Target audience and available market :

Target audience is the urban commuters,tourists, travellers, People with memory disorder.

The available market is comparitively huge as the solution offered is very cost effective and can be mass produced in various form factors(Keychains,Stickers,Tags).

Project technically work?

The solution is based on RSSI(Received Signal Strength Indicator) value of Bluetooth low energy(BLE) technology on the wearable side and the custom Android application on the Smartphone side monitoring the same.

Project takes advantage of?

The Project takes advantage of BLE's Less power consumption and Proximity profile(PXP)available with the BLE stack.

Cloud connectivity?

Cloud used is The data uploaded to the cloud contains

1)Distance maintained between the smartphone and devices: This data helps in analyzing the person's memory of remembering things around his vicinity which will be of a medical importance.

2)Lost location along with the time: The lost location data helps in tracking the things and plots the same in the Google maps(in Smartphone)or Bing Map(in PC or Laptop).

Sensor utilization?

Bluetooth Low Energy Module.

Software components?

PuTty: For configuring the Edison.

Arduino IDE:For developing main code logic for Edison to monitor button and buzzer.

Android Studio:For developing the Android display application to monitor the BLE device.

Hardware components?

Intel Edison

DBM01 BLE module


Push Button

The Dev Kit?

Arduino expansion Kit for the Intel Edison.


The BLE wearable device can take many form factors like tags,keychains,stickers etc.. for varied use cases and requirements. Hence the device is a cost effective and best solution for keeping things in the vicinity.

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Step 1: Interfacing BLE Module

Interface a serial Bluetooth Low Energy Module DBM01 to the Intel Edison Board/Arduino via UART serial Interface @ 38400 BaudRate.

Step 2: Writing Arduino Code

Write the arduino code for intel edison having serial communication and compare the incoming RSSI values

Step 3: Android Code for BlueLock

Deploy the bluelock code to your android phone and start communicating with the beacon.

Step 4: Start Monitoring Your Wearables.

Once you have deployed the code in Edison and in Android phone(Supporting Bluetooth 4.0),Start monitoring the devices in your vicinity and keep your valuables intact.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    can you please tell me what are the connections from DBM01 to arduino. its kinda urgent. i tried with just tx rx and power pins but i am not sure if that's enough or not.
    thanks :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Keep RST pin low while communicating