Blues Clues Clock

Introduction: Blues Clues Clock

For our Technical Theater group project, we decided to build the clock from Blues Clues. Check out this tutorial on how you can recreate this clock in just a few short days!

Step 1: Materials

First, in order to make this clock, you must buy a few things. The materials are:
1. two 30 x 40 inch styrofoam white boards
2. red, pink, black, and purple paint
3. exacto knife for cutting out the shapes
4. Gorilla wood glue 
5. 2 paintbrushes: one thick one for spreading out the glue and one thin one for painting
6. pencil for outlining 
7. Measuring tape to measure out lengths

Step 2: Cut Out a Circle

Once you have your materials, you will start by cutting out a 30 in by 30 in circle from one of your styrofoam boards. Then, you will draw in pencil a large circle within the circle you cut out already (about 25 in by 25 in for the smaller one inside the big one). Then paint the outside of the small circle pink so that you have a red border around the cut out circle.

Step 3: Paint the Numbers

Once that is done, let the pink paint dry. Then in pencil first draw all the numbers from 1-12 on the clock clockwise . Then paint the numbers with your black paint so that it looks like the painting in this step. Afterwords cut out with your exacto knife two small trapezoid-like figures out of the other styrofoam board. With your purple paint then paint them both purple and then glue them to the top left and right of the clock with the Gorilla wood glue. 

Step 4: Sketch the Dial Hands and the Mouth

Next, you will sketch out in pencil in the middle of your clock the two hands (one longer than the other to show a minute hand and a second hand). The hands can show whatever time you would like. Then you will also sketch out a mouth under the two hands and two eyes over the dial hands. Paint the mouth red and the eyes and the two hands black.

Step 5: Make the Little Bells and Button

Finally, you will cut out two even smaller half circles and a small T from the remaining scraps of styrofoam board and paint them both black. Then you will glue with the Gorilla wood glue the two half circles to the "ears" of the clock and glue the T to the top of the clock in between the two "ears." Then you will have your finished product!

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