Bluetooth Beats

wireless headphones

Step 1: Purchase Bluetooth Adapter

You'll need to buy a Bluetooth adapter. I got mine on ebay like this one. There are many different kinds. They behave like most Bluetooth headphones do. start/stop, volume, skip etc. It'll need a standard headphones port 3.5mm (and I really haven't seen any that aren't).

This will expire of course, but like this:

Step 2: Buy Short Stereo Aux Cord

You'll need a short cable just like the one the Beats came with. I have one similar to this:

Step 3: Couple Zip Ties.

Grab a couple Zip Ties and you're done! My wife was getting sick of replacing the cables all the time, but she is loving this now.

This is probably a good alternative or solution to any headphone-less cell phones.... ;)



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    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)