Bluetooth Boombox With USB, TF Card, FM Radio Player (under 8$)

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If you need a full featured music system with best audio quality then this project is the solution. I made it at low cost and this take a few minutes to design the system. You can enjoy music on it by easily connecting your phone with this via bluetooth.


  • Infrared remote control
  • Bluetooth connectivity with any smartphone
  • USB/TF Card player
  • FM Radio
  • Aux input

Step 1: Required Parts

  • Bluetooth audio player module
  • Speakers (2X10W)
  • Amplifier board (IC6283 based)
  • IC7805
  • Jack pin connector
  • 12V/1A Adapter
  • Cardboard box, connecting wires etc.

Step 2: Connection Diagram

The connection diagram shows the connection among bluetooth module, speaker, regulator ic and power supply. Fit the whole arrangements inside the box in order to maintain the sound quality and to beautify the project.

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