Bluetooth Dot Matrix Display With Arduino




Introduction: Bluetooth Dot Matrix Display With Arduino

If you have a smartphone and a Bluetooth module. You can be really creative with your Arduino. Here we have built a dot matrix display build controlled by an Arduino. You can draw patterns on your smart phone and it will be displayed on the dot matrix.

We did this as part of our Kickstarter called Jetpack a wireless programing Bluetooth shield+motor driver shield for Arduino. You can use your own substitutes for this.

Got 750% funded on Kickstarter! We are amazed by this response and so jet pack is now available for pre-order on

Things required

  • Arduino
  • Jetpack(Bluetooth Shield+wireless programmer)
  • Dot Matrix
  • 1 k resistor (12)

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Step 1: Make the Connections As Shown

  • Connect the Dot matrix display to Jetpack and mount it on an Arduino as shown in the picture.
  • We have labelled the dot matrix legs to the corresponding pin number of arduino. You need to connect 1 k resistor to each pin
  • Connect the power supply.

Step 2: Upload the Code, Install the App Enjoy!

  • You can easily upload your program wirelessy with Jetpack. Refer this instructable (data monitoring) for wireless programing. You will be using the outgoing Com Port when you upload the code.Alternatively you can upload your program directly to Arduino. The code is given below.
  • The android app can be downloaded from here

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    3 years ago

    No, I speak English sorry, so use google translator, I have a query the app sends the letters "e" and "a"? I would like to make an app for RGB LED, thanks for the tutorial is very good.