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If you're like 80% of the human race, you'll find that Ear buds are next to useless, and bluetooth headsets fall out without having a hook to hold them to your ear. Some headsets come with small plastic hooks that tend to break pretty easily, and this is where my i'ble comes in. I have a Jawbone Era, and I have gone through the plastic hook that came with it, and a 3-pack of replacements which cost me (USD)$10. I looked online to see if anyone had managed to fabricate a replacement with materials that I might have on-hand, and it seems that the only thing that came close was a paperclip monstrosity that looked uncomfortable.

This is ,my own take on how to replace your the junk ear hooks (there are some pretty good looking ones if you want to spend the money) that are available out there, this will cost practically nothing but 5 minutes of your time.

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Step 1: You Will Need.

1.) A large/jumbo paperclip 5cm (2")long while still folded.

2.) A pair of needlenose pliers.

3.) Some scrap wire (just for the casing.)

Step 2: ​Prepare the Paperclip

Straighten the paperclip, and then bend it in half.

When straightened, my paperclip was 16cm long, so I folded it at 8cm, and pinched the fold with the pliers.

Step 3: What to Do With the Length of Wire

Cut a piece of wire to the length of your folded paperclip.

Gut the wire. Mine was a length of USB cable, so I pulled out the individual wires from the inside so that the external casing was hollow.

Slide the hollowed out casing onto the paperclip, folded end first (otherwise it's likely to snag, and be problematic) until you have about 8-10mm of paperclip protruding from the end of the casing at the split end.

Step 4: Attach It to the Bluetooth Headset, and Done

Bend the protruding ends of the paperclip into small pinchers, and clip them onto the bluetooth headset near the earbud.

Bend the coated body of the hook into a shape you'll find comfortable to have hooked to your ear.

If the headset is loose, you can pinch the ends together to make it grip tighter.

I may also wipe the end of mine through some hot-glue to save it from scratching the earpiece, and have a better grip, but essentially... Et voilà!

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7 weeks ago

They are alot cheaper and more available now. We sold replacements for over 10 years. We used to be able to sell 3 for $10. Now It's a few cents a piece.

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Reply 5 weeks ago

That's pretty cheap, and for most people that'd be ideal. The point in my instructable at the time was more to do with the hook on mine breaking, and I needed a fix. Much like most of what I throw together, it's not really about saving the money, as much as feeling like I've accomplished something, and fixed it on the fly.


Reply 3 years ago

For a while. It has a tendency to work lose now that it's been a few months.


3 years ago

GREAT IDEA !!! No more new ear buds because the clip is lost. :-)


3 years ago

This is great! I have a few of these that are missing the hook, now I can fix them!

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

I'm so glad you liked it. This is my first instructible, so it's encouraging that it was "Featured". I'd been scouring the interwebz for a way to remedy my issue for a while, but my searches were fruitless aside from the idea that paperclips were a choice material. Please post pics when you're done, we all need inspiration.