Bluetooth Enable Flash Drive




Hello, in this first instructables, I will write about how
to hide our flash drive so it will only appear when we enable it from phone via Bluetooth. I’m sorry for my English as I am not a native. Let gather the material.

Step 1: Tool and Material

Materials :

1. A Bluetooth HC – 05 ( IDR 130.000 / USD 10)

2. An Arduino Pro Mini (IDR 170.000 / USD 14)

3. Some Cable (IDR 1000 / USD 0.08 )

4. A Male USB (IDR 4000 / USD 0.32)

5. A Female USB (IDR 2000 / USD 0.16)

6. A case (IDR 0 / USD 0) **

** The case I hack from my old broken card reader, so this must be dependent

Total : IDR 307.000 / USD 24.56

Tool :

1. Soldering Iron

2. All Purpose Glue

3. Tin

Step 2: Introduction

How it work? It is really simple. After you plug in this
device to computer, it will supply your arduino with 5V, but not for your flash drive. So if you want to enable your flash drive, you must ask your arduino to supply your flash drive with current by Bluetooth. In this Instructables, I will use Android application to do this task. You can also add password to enable this too. So let’s started.

Step 3: Connection

Connect D+, D-, and Ground to the female usb (flash drive). After
that supply your arduino and Bluetooth with power from usb, then connect your Bluetooth tx to pin 11 on arduino and rx on pin 10. After that connect arduino pin 9 to the flash drive vcc. If you doesn’t want to direct soldering you may use breadboard for testing purpose.

Step 4: Programming Your Arduino

Now it’s time for coding. Thank you for Mohannad
Rawashdeh who has provided Instructables for connecting Bluetooth. I will use his code with only some modification.

// arduino>>bluetooth

// D10 >>> Rx

// D11 >>> Tx

//Written By Mohannad Rawashdeh


/ Modify by Ivan Lionel

// you will need arduino 1.0.1 or higher to run this sketch

#include // import the serial library

SoftwareSerial hcBluetooth(11,10); // RX, TX

int usbEn=9; // supply your flash drive with power

char password; // the password that is entered from android

void setup() {

// put your setup code here, to run once:


hcBluetooth.println("Please enter password : ");




void loop() {

// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

if ( hcBluetooth.available()){


if(password=='pass1234'){ // if entered password is pass1234


hcBluetooth.println("Welcome ");


else{// if entered password is false


hcBluetooth.println("Access Denied ");



delay(100);// prepare for next data ...


If your are beginner in using pro, you may read this instructables for tutorial :

Step 5: Download Android App and Well Done

In this instructables, I use ArduDroid App by TechBlitar Aplication. You can also use another application too for this flash drive as long as you can enter the password. Ok you have done it. Now your flash drive will safe from spy.



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    Nik JamaelA

    2 years ago

    dear mr ivanl

    did this product able to transmit data from flash or a drive to phone.... do we need app for the organize transmitted data