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How to turn an airsoft handgun and a bluetooth headset into a fun, fully functional handset for your iPhone. Pull the trigger to receive calls and to, um, end them. Listen through the barrel, and talk into the grip.

I think everyone has made the thumb and forefinger gun-to-the-head sign when someone unpleasant shows up on their caller ID. Eli and I thought it would be fun to make an actual gun handset, and it turned out to be surprisingly straightforward. No glue or powertools were required.

Even though it's not very practical, there's something so satisfying about ending a call with this handset. Pow.

Naturally, this handset works with any cell phone. You just feel like pulling the trigger more if you own an iPhone.

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Step 1: Materials and Gun Disassembly

1 x Jabra BT250v bluetooth headset
1 x HFC Walther P99 look-alike airsoft gun
1 x hammer
1 x pliers
1 x Philips-head screwdriver
1 x Mana Energy Potion (that's to keep you awake)

First, disassemble the gun fully by placing the tip of the screwdriver on the pin above the trigger (not the pin connected to the safety) and tapping it out enough that you can pull it the rest of the way out with the pliers. Tap out the rest of the pins, slide the slide back, remove the faux-striker pin cover, and slip off the top half of the gun. The gun basically falls apart after that.

Step 2: Plunger Removal

Remove the plunger from the slide assembly as well as the spring and plastic plug. Throw out the plunger. With the plunger removed, the gun can't shoot you in the ear.

Replace the spring and plastic plug

Step 3: Sear Pin Removal

Remove the sear pin assembly at the rear of the gun, throw it out.

Step 4: Prepping the Bluetooth Headset

Now direct your attention to the bluetooth headset. There are small screws that hold it together. I opted to just pry it apart until they broke.

Now cut out the middle part of the rubberized portion of the bluetooth headset.

Step 5: Watch Your IPhone Crash

I left my iPhone synced to the headset while I prepped it, so it retaliated by crashing so badly I had to just power it down. Hopefully, you can skip this step. I recommend unpairing the headset from your iPhone during assembly.

Step 6: Inserting the Headset Into the Gun

Hook a rubber band over the trigger arm (see picture). Let the other end dangle out of the bottom of the gun for now.

Cram the headset into the gun where the magazine used to be. notice how the microphone portion points down (so you can talk into the handle) and it's pressed against the upper portion of the headset. The headset fits perfectly so you don't need to secure it, just stuff it in there. Make sure the rubber band stays on the trigger arm side of the gun.

The pin coming off the trigger arm should be just off the call start/end button so that when you pull the trigger it operates the button.

Step 7: Inserting the Earbud

Now we reattach the slide of the gun. First slip the earbud into the breach of the barrel and then reattach the slide. The headphone will rest against the chamber-end of the barrel. The barrel will focus the sound into your ear. It doesn't have to be a snug fit to work well.

Step 8: Disassembling the Magazine

Take apart the magazine with a screwdriver and a hammer. Save just the butt plate and throw away the rest.

Step 9: Secure the Other End of the Rubber Band

Put the magazine butt plate back onto the grip and stretch the rubber band from the front of the butt plate across the bottom and secure it to the back of the grip by putting it under the palm rest. Put the palm rest pin back in place to make sure it stays.

Step 10: Answer Some Calls, Take Some Photos

I was testing the phone when Eli called, so I pulled the trigger and answered his call. Another trigger pull ended it, and yet a third trigger pull ended my test call.

Now make some tasteless puns about ending conversations!

Little warning: Do not remove the orange tip or paint it. Word on the street has it that there are very serious consequences for this. Also, it better be obvious that this shouldn't be used in public.

Step 11: Paint It White and Bring It to the IPhone Line

Mask the orange tip. Then use a plastic paint to paint the gun white. We even made a box for it with photo paper and spray adhesive.

Then for kicks we brought it to the iPhone line at the Apple store and asked people what they thought of it. We were surprised by how many people actually liked it.

If Steve Jobs carried a gun, this is what it would look like. Who knows? Maybe he does, and maybe it looks just like this, except it's got a lanyard.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Bad idea. White btw could be mistaken for matte stainless steel at a distance and the red tip is easily missed. Anyone can paint a gun. A police officer is going to have to react as if this was real, especially since it's something being held by an adult, who should know better. Pulling this thing out to use is going to look like drawing a gun. A person can draw a gun and fire it in under 1 second. A cop needs to make a lot of decisions in a very very short space of time when they see someone pull out a gun in a crowd. Bad bad bad idea

    8 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Geez, you're taking it way too serious! The idea alone is priceless. Besides, no one's going to be dumb enough (eh.hmm) to pull it out where the sight of a gun could cause problems or even bring it to places like that. Concealed or otherwise. Nobody that dumb should/could make it anyway.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hmm yes, probably not the best public headset. But would be cool to have at home to freak out visitors. Maybe for Halloween too. : D


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I think it would be fun to have hanging on your wall to pick up when you receive calls at home. Handsets are kind of clunky for mobile use anyway.


    2 years ago

    apart from everyone else, I personally think this is fricking awsome!


    3 years ago

    I live in a Town where a cop shot a 13 year old holding a toy gun. Pardon me if I find this to be a bad idea. Have you not been watching the news in this past year. This might have been cute or ironic or edgy a while ago. That ship sailed. I'm not trying to be "not nice". I am so shocked to see this I had to say something. I've been watching this site for years and this is the first time I needed to say something


    3 years ago

    Sad, In so many ways.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a bad idea! Extremely disturbing, dangerous if used in public (feeling like getting shot by police? Use this!) Not even remotely funny... the idea used in something else, yes... a gun? no.


    I can just imagine the panic of people when you pull that out. :D

    *waits for someone to say "That's what she said!"*

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Step 11

    send me some free mana potions