Bluetooth Pedal Switch for a Smartphone Camera



About: Hi, I'm Eunchan Park from S.Korea. I have 3 missions Making Happy Things, Sharing How To Make Happy Things, Copying Happy Things Maker for the world's Happiness In order to pursue my mission, I have a big go...

These days, I am into making Instructables, youtube videos and blog posts.

In order to make the blog post rich, it is essential to take a lot of pictures as detail as possible. It is not that easy to do because human being has only 2 hands. I needed to take picture at the same time I make something, solder some parts and so on. I wish I could have more hands. One day, I found that I drove my car by my foot! Wow amazing! I got an idea that it would be great if I take a picture with a pedal. I searched pre-made product, but there wasn’t. I decided to make by myself. I’m going to share how to make it. By the way, it is under $5.

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Step 1: Overall Information

[ Instruction ]

[ About the maker ]

[ Parts and Tools ]

Step 2: Disassemble the Case of [Bluetooth Selfie Switch]

If your phone is IPhone, you will need to attach the switch with upper switch.

If yours is an Android device, you will need below one.

Step 3: Preparing the [Pedal Button]

The [Pedal Button] has 3 cables (Red, Green, Yellow).

We need to find which cables are connected when the [Pedal Button] is clicked.

I peeled cable and checked with a tester.

It turned out Green and Red

Step 4: Soldering the Wires

In order to make the cables fixed on the board, we need to put some lead on the cables.

Step 5: Solder the Cables With the Button Legs

It was hard to solder it because the space was so narrow.

The button doesn’t have any direction. You don’t need to care about the color of the cables.

Step 6: Test the Button

Before enclose everything, we need to try it.

Temporary put the battery on the board and turn on the power.

Try [Pedal Button]. If it works, you can go forward.

Step 7: Glue on It

If everything is fine,

In order to make it firmly, you need to put some glue on the surface.

Step 8: Cut the Sidewall of [Bluetooth Selfie Switch]

We need to make some space for cables.

Step 9: Put the Board on the Case and Glue It

Glue is love

Step 10: Assemble the Case Completely

Step 11: Connect the Button With Your Phone

Put the power on and press the upper button(Iphone button) of [Bluetooth Selfie Switch].

Your phone will find the [Bluetooth Selfie Switch] soon.

Connect the [Bluetooth Selfie Switch]

That’s all! You got the button

Step 12: Test It!

If you have any question, please feel free to leave any comments!

Step 13:

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