Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter


Introduction: Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

This video shows Interfacing a PulseOximeter with  Labview program using Bluetooth technology.



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    I am a engineering student looking to do a similar project using labview. I want to wirelessly transmit voltage data from pressure transducers to a labview program. I was wondering if you could explain how you linked the labview and the pulse ox together.

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    I used a bluetooth serial adapter. So, essentially on your computer end the bluetooth recevier appears as a serial device. So you can communicate using Labview Serial port commands. There are bluetooth dongles available in market (check roving network) which can take analog inputs and convert it into serial data for transmission.. else you can use a microcontroller such as Arduino to convert analog data into serial and feed it to a bluetooth transreceiver.

    Hope that helps.

    Please Share me the project, I really need this for my graduation project.

    I do not have any credit card to buy this project pdf, please help me !!

    sir i'm an I.T student and we need to know more information about how to transfer data from pulse oximeter via bluetooth and what is the proper software we need to use in receiving data from pulse oximeter we needed it kindly thank you very much

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    Well it all depends what communication protocol your pulse oximeter uses. for ex. the nonin sensor that I am using works on Serial communication. So you need a bluetooth serial adapter for it. You program the two bluetooth transreceivers to pair with each other using their own firmware and then your software on the computer end ( Labview in my case) should be able to handle in the incoming data.

    hope that helps. If you have any more specific questions I will be more than wiling to answer them


    ok, but how did you connect it??
    i'm a medical student and i would like to know more about where/how did you get it and connect it,
    and in the screen i didn't see much (no scale, just the shape)?
    did you design it your self?


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    Yes, I build it myself using Nonin's OEM III Module. Well, most of the commercial units have a percentage value as the scale... which is basically the numerical value in the scale divided by the max value. They also output numerical spo2 value which is displayed on the side in my software.

    Its a custom software that I wrote and a custom bluetooth connection using Roving Network products.

    hope that helps

    Could you please describe the contents of your video in more detail please?