Bluetooth Retro Yard Sound




Introduction: Bluetooth Retro Yard Sound

I wanted some groovy speakers for my yard. And they are Bluetooth.

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Step 1:

I found these drive in speakers on ebay.

Step 2: Post

I harvested an old floor lamp base and removed the old wiring. The based had everything I needed. A weighted base and hollow post. Then painted it to match the galvanized color and texture of the speakers.

Step 3: Wiring

I soldered standard speaker connectors to the speakers. At this point I was not sure how I was going to plug them into a source. These connectors gave me flexibility.

Step 4: Hanger

Figuring out how I was going to hang them was the biggest puzzle. I wanted something that would be weather tight because I will be leaving these outside. I ended up using a plastic electrical box. It was originally blue but I painted it to match and added a metal bracket to the top.

Step 5:

The wiring is hidden down the tube.

Step 6: Bluetooth

I found a Bluetooth receiver online that I can just plug directly into the speakers.

Step 7:

The sound is great. Now I need a projector so I can watch movies in the yard.

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    5 Discussions


    3 months ago

    Very nice! How did you power these speakers?


    8 months ago

    This is so cool! Fantastic idea.


    5 years ago

    Fantastic! What a great way to give your backyard hangout a sweet summer soundtrack!


    5 years ago

    Love this. . brings back memory's. ..