Bluetooth Speaker

Introduction: Bluetooth Speaker

hello everyone, probably you know the problems when you go to a party of a friend or someone else, and they don't have a normal speaker setup, so some come with a very small speaker with not much power.

well here i made a difference for those party's, i made the speaker easy controllable with an bluetooth 4.0 board and a small amplifier that belongs into a scooter, also the speakers on the photo's are originally placed into a car but i wanted to use them for this project.

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Step 1: Parts

to make a speaker you need the right parts of course, so here a list of the parts i used to make this project happening:

it is really up to yourself what you are gonna use, i got some of the parts for a very good deal like the bluetooth receiver, only that one timely not available, i will put an link when its for sale again.

Step 2: Electronics

if you look at the electronics i decided to make a switch between aux input and bluetooth input, when people try to decide to put annoying music on bluetooth you simply flip the switch to aux and you have no problems with the bad music anymore ;)

it starts from top left, there is the 230v input, and then goes to a battery charger and power supply, the battery charger of mine is not included bc mine broke down somehow.

now the wires from the 230v input go to the accusafe, it is an easy made security unit that controls the power.

it has 4 ports, one for power supply input, one for charger, one for the battery and one out put to your amplifier.

this control unit works on 12v so its important that every power unit is 12v that goes into the accusafe, it also cannot hold anything above the 8 A. everything i used is ok to connect it to.

if anyone doesn't understand the sketch, just ask me ;)

Step 3: Putting Everything in the Box

i don't got the chance take enough pictures to show how to make the panels and further, but i hope i brought the idea to your mind so you can use your imagination to make this project even better at your home :)

Step 4: Done

it wasn't my intention to share every piece of woodwork/ vinyl, but i just wanted to share the electronic schedule and the results what i made from it, thanks for looking into this.

anyone got questions, ask them :)

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    3 years ago

    That looks cool, I like the vinyl you used.


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks, really appreciate that :)