Bluetooth Speaker From Scrap



Introduction: Bluetooth Speaker From Scrap

super easy Bluetooth speaker from scrap all packed in a maths geometry instrument box let's begin

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Step 1: Parts Essential

bluetooth +amplifier on board module(remove from a scrap wireless speaker)
.mobile battery 3.7v
.two 0.5w speaker
.a geometry instrument box
.soldering,sharp blade

Step 2: Make Vents and Slots on Box

make vents/opening on the top of box for speakers.
place the speakers inside the box glue it.
make cuts on side of box for USB and charging slot

Step 3: Place All Parts and Connection Inside Box

connect the speaker in parallel to the spkr terminal on board.
then connect battery to the BAT point on module
screw the module board inside box,its ready to boom the room

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