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I salvaged some speakers, lithium battery out of broken bluetooth speaker box.

To use this parts to make a bluetooth speaker box by my own.

I search, like I always do, on Instructables and the internet for hints or other peoples solution.

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Step 1: The Parts

On the pictures you can see the electrical parts.

The LN-BT02 Stereo Smart 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module come with all connection cables, microphone and push buttons. Some I didn't used. It has also the capability to take phone calls, I don't use this either.

The DC Boost Converter didn't worked right out the box, a searching on a German site gave the solution for me.

A USB Lithium Battery Charger Module With Charging And Protection to re-charge the battery, it has a red light when charging and blue if charged.

After I build all parts together on my table in sounds terrible and I found out that I missing a vital part, an amplifier, I bought an PAM8403 Super Mini Digital Amplifier Board at my local web shop.

Her a list of all parts I bought at webshops in China and Denmark :

  • LN-BT02 Stereo Smart 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module - China

  • USB Lithium Battery Charger Module With Charging And Protection - China

  • DC Boost Converter 2A Power Supply Module 2V-24V To 5V-28V Adjustable Regulator Board - MT3608 - China

  • PAM8403 Super Mini Digital Amplifier Board - Denmark

Step 2: The Box

I made the box out of ash tree, that was that I had in my workshop.

Dimension are individual, so I only write my outer dimension of the box :

  • hight 100 mm
  • wide 200 mm
  • depth 90 mm
  • thickens of the wood 12 mm

I made holes:

  • for the AUX and power connection
  • for a peep hole to see the charging led's
  • for a on/off button
  • for the passive bass plastic I also salvaged, don think that work as the should
  • for the speakers I drilled to holes one bigger the other throw. see the pictures

Step 3: Mounting the Parts and Conclusion

As you see on the pictures I hot glued some parts and cables.

The front-, with the speakers, and backside a rabbet into sides.

The front is glued to the sides, backside are screwed.

All tree got to times clear lacquering.

I also got a conclusion :

  • the box could be better
  • the on/off button is to big not nice, could be a more integrated
  • a led to see on/off situation

But I am fine with that and my fine little bluetooth speaker.

And now I can nerve my children and lovely wife with my music. :)

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