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Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled Robot

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controlling a basic robot using a Bluetooth enabled mobile

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Bread board
2. HC-05 Bluetooth module
3. jumper wires or breadboard wires
4. Induino R3 or any arduino clone
5. two 500 rpm motor
6. two 9v batteries
7. L293D
8. Chassis
9. Wheels
10. Android mobile

you can buy chassis, wheels, motors as per your budget....

Step 2: Breadboard Connection

connect the breadboard in this way way so that 5v flows through the outer side and gnd through the inner horizontal connection. connect the 5v and gnd to the breadboard from the induino.
The applied 5v should pass in this order ABCD

Step 3: Connecting HC-05

connect the Vcc to 5v and gnd to ground... connect the rx of hc-05 to the tx of the induino and connect the tx of the hc-05 to the rx of the induino... key and state need not be connected.

Step 4: L293D

connect the pins 4,5,12,13 of L293D to ground and connect O1, O2 to left motor, similarly O3,O4 to right motor,
i1-pin2 of induino
i2-pin4 of induino
i3-pin12 of induino
i4-pin11 of induino

Step 5: Motor Connections

after connecting motor it will look like this...

if you want connect a buzzer to pin8 of induino which will act as horn...

Step 6: Code

upload this code to induino....

Step 7: Connecting With Bluetooth

Arduino Bluetooth RC Car

Download this app from play store..

connect a 9v battery to induino.. the Bluetooth module will start to blink continuously.... now open the app in your mobile

1.At first a red light will blink at the left top of the app
2. go to options and click connect
3. connect to the Bluetooth device.... default pin is 1234 or 0000
4. after connecting there will be green light in the left top corner of the app

that's it now you can enjoy your own Bluetooth RC robot

there may be some mistakes.. tell me if you find any ^_^



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