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Introduction: Bluetooth Headset Hack

About: Hi, I'm actually an IT consultant but love engineering. I love to try, do DIY stuff which are cost effective and solve my purposes.

If you got a spare bluetooth headset or a broken one whose circuit is still working, then this project could be a fun for you.

You can use the bluetooth headset to a wireless portable speaker system. All you need some basic skills of electronics and some creativity.

Here in this project I used a chinese headset and my portable guitar amplifier. We can also use input of Microphone of any big speaker system or your PC/laptop to get preamplified signal. You just need to use a cable as per the socket. In lasy pic I've shown that where I am just one variety of connectors.

Also the sound quality depends upon the type of bluetooth headset.

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    2 Discussions

    Dana LaBerge
    Dana LaBerge

    6 years ago

    The pictures are not good enough to intuit the project specifics and you have no instructions. What are we supposed to do here? It looks like a way to make a Bluetooth speaker but it doesn't show the wiring week enough or give any text instructions. Please fix.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    As a wiring its just simple there are two wires (from inside of headset) which is soldered to mini speaker of the headset, you just need to desolder and have to solder it to a new wire like I did.

    It is a single channel headset to I've used 3.5 mm mono jack. which you can put into a speaker. Actually I'm quite busy in doing and testing many things in so less days so I posted my instructables in this way.

    I know for some guys who has electronics background will understand by seeing the pics and for those who don't I definitely need to put some instructions. Sorry brother for this time but I'll fix them later when I'm done with my things :)