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Simply way to reuse some parts of Laptop.......

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Step 1: Build Machine :)

Easy to build,bluetooths module have 5 or six wires.You need positive and negative(normally red and black)

to alimentation and positive and negative data(normally withe and green);you can check on the web(USB CONNECTOR wires)...if you have another wire(yellow,for example) it's sense cable to switch on/off the module,

dont connect this wire(cut) and the module stay on all the time....

if youy have a big black wire,it's a faraday wire for interferences and you dont need to connect.....

I add a little wire white(see pic) on the internal antenna for the best performance TX/RX......

For finish,some heat shrink tubing....

On windows 10 it's plug and play and not need to serch drivers or software bluetooths,all it's already inside....

on windows 7 and below version,maybe you need drivers and software,check on peripheral manager update or

relative software bluetooth on the Laptop website with model and refernce....

In diffrent case,if you have a chance,on the module you have a sticker with "serial number" or "replace with".....

On my pc i use this module to all transfer (pic,video,etc...) and internet connection(4g) smartphone/pc......

In the last pic,rear on my PC, you can see the module "on currently work"....have another module(you can see....)

it's a WIFI module but this is another story......:)

Thank you to watch..... :)



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