BoB the Pi-Ped




shortly after buying my r-pi at makerfaire i decided to upgrade my BoB design. things got out of hand and BoB the Pi-Ped was born.
He went from a 3d printed 4 servo waddling robot to a 3d printed 13 servo humanoid robot with an on-board pi and arduino for brains and servo control. Here is the sad part of this story. my computer that had all of the files and programs for the robot i was developing decided to die. so all i have now is what was saved to my dropbox. what does it do?
GOOD QUESTION! My plans were simple, to replicate those big bad humanoids at a much cheaper cost to build, while still having the same capabilities. its backpack hosts a pi while the torso has plenty of room for a servo controller and lipo battery, and the head can house an arduino and even a web cam, making the possibilities endless, he can track objects not in just 2d but actually follow them around a room, he can play fetch with your dog, run a robot marathon, cook a 5 star meal, or just sit on your desk. i plan on adding smartphone control as well as voice commands, and giving him a voice to speak as well. and all the usb,hdmi,and network ports will stay open. so he can even be used as a desktop pc. imagine not needing a separate computer to program just log in and get to work. he can even be piloted from around the world! he can be your own c3p0 and all this packed into a robot a little under a foot tall!

So....Where is it? all i see is a picture
well because my computer failed i cannot get the parts printed because there are still minor tweaks to do before i print him. all of my development tools ere also on that computer. but work will resume! keep an eye out for updates.

servo count: 11 9gram metal gear servos ans 2 standard servos
power: 1 11.1v lithium battery 
brains: r-pi sending commands to an arduino or serial servo controller
input: web cam vision, microphone ears
output: speaker for speech and led mouth

thats all i have for now please check back for updates. and consider voting for me!


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    2 months ago

    Bob is all growed up now and look at him! Good to see that you're still working on him. Thanks again for alerting me to the PiDuino contest here back in the day-hope you're well!


    1 year ago

    how can it be cheap if the 9 gram motor you mentioned cost me around 4k each piece and we have to use 11 motors and the additional components ofc!


    2 years ago

    I am completely new to robotics but I do have a 3d Printer and have already constructed Bob with the same materials and electronics as yours. I am however now stumped for the code. I am still a baby when it comes to programming the Micro Magician. Please can you help me with coding this cute little bot.


    3 years ago

    nice idea ... even i want to make one. These 3d printed parts arent available in india what do i do any idea? I cant print those as i dont have 3d printer.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    hey, any update here? i like the idea that you're trying to upgrade the legs from two to three servos. from the sketches, it seems that you'll loose the ability to turn at the hips, which means that you'll have to walk turns by using the hip and knee servo. would be very interesting to see how well it works. any prototypes? (i've built a bob kind of clone myself and also think about adding one more servo per leg, just not quite sure, where...)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    This has been put on gold pending my printer build. I have seen robots like this such as the brat jr biped I assume they shuffle to turn I'll update this when I can print the parts and build it. I also had plans to upgrade the original bob design to add a 3rd servo to it's legs


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That waddling BoB bot is adorable! I would love to build that one, as it seems easier than the Pi-Ped and I have no experience in robotics. This would be a nice starting project as I will receive my 3D printer in April. Could you do an 'ible on that litte guy?

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    oh I see you already did an Ible on that little guy! Good luck on rebuilding de PiPed, would love to see it finished!