Introduction: BoLEDiche

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In the olden days of Latino royalty, the Kings and Queens lacked the entertainment technology of today. They would spend hours per day mastering the simple game of Boliche, what we now call Cup and Ball. We took it a step further.

In the 21st century, 500 years later, we decided to upgrade this unchanged traditional game. We are bringing a new satisfaction to successfully completing the game. Taking a traditional game, and adding an all around love of LED's, we can one up the Kings and Queens of old.

You will learn how to craft you own boliche, our incorporation of an LED that lights up upon successful completion of the game is an added bonus that makes the toy a BoLEDiche!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Materials Needed
2 AAA batteries
Battery Holder
Conductive thread
1K Ohm Resistor

Tools Needed
Soldering Iron
Plastic Container
Duct Tape

Step 2: Understand the Circuit

The ability to light up an LED comes from completing a circuit when successfully landing the head of the boliche on the tip of the handle. 

The current of the completed circuit runs in this order. . . 

Battery-->Conductive Thread-->Resistor-->LED-->Battery

Step 3:

Braid 12 inches worth of two strands of string together with 1 strand of conductive thread. Be sure to tie secure knots on each end.  For instruction on how to braid, visit How to braid.

Step 4:

Trim the excess string from the end of the braid

Step 5:

Shaping the head
     a. Pour all of ShapeLock into a container of water and heat water to about 150°F
     b. Be careful, it will be hot
     c. Mold the plastic into the shape of the head of the boliche
          i. Examine the picture and video, ( the resistor and the LED will be embedded in the plastic. The positive pin of the LED must stick out of the plastic into the hole. The braided rope should stick out of the top of the head. *Imagine you have the hands of a master sculptor and attempt to shape the head as best you can. Have fun with it.*
          ii. Allow mold to cool until completely solid. About 20 minutes in the fridge should be adequate.

Step 6:

Shaping the tip
     a. Using more ShapeLock, attempt to replicate the tip of the handle so that it fits nicely into the hole of the head. The key to completing the circuit is for the tip to fit beautifully and fully inside hole of the head. If your molds don't match, the ShapeLock is reusable so heat it up again

Step 7:

Carefully drip a small amount of solder into the hole of the head. The goal is to expand the area of the positive pin of the LED. Allow to cool

Step 8:

Stick the positive end (the red one) of the battery tower pack into the hole in the tip

Step 9:

Carefully drip a small amount of solder onto the top of the tip. Allow to cool

Step 10:

Tie the loose end of the conductive thread at the end of the braid to the negative lead of the battery pack. Duct tape the connection to ensure it doesn't break.

Step 11:

Use duct tape to wrap the handle (battery tower pack) securing the loose excess battery leads. Leave 6 inches of braided rope hanging between the top of the handle and the head. See pictures for further explanation. 

Step 12:

Securely tape the tip to the handle

Step 13: The Challenge

Enjoy your new challenge!

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