Board Game: Kill and Conquer

Introduction: Board Game: Kill and Conquer

Kill and Conquer is a 4 player board game, where a player has to kill all the other opponents in order to win.

Step 1: Initiation and Conceptualisation

The project was done by four students as a part of Game Design module for user experience design in Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, India.

Our mutual interest lied in making a strategic game for an age group which rarely plays table-top games. The next step was to create personas which fit our targeted age group which was 10-24 years, and explore how they would come together and play our board game. So we framed a story, with which we finalised our concept of the game.

We looked up various board games that are already available, and tried to understand what makes them attractive.Then we took up Chess and Ludo and made some explorations.

Step 2: Prototype and Play Testing

After finalising our concept, we had to create a rough layout of the board and the characters.We used minimum resources to craft out our idea so that we could test it as soon as possible and understand the errors in our approach as well as the design.

We presented the prototype to our classmates for testing, and we noted down the flaws that kept rising during the gameplay and improvised on it.

Step 3: About the Game: Game Setup and Order of Play

The 4X3 Sliders need to be kept on the four corners.

The game can go clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The players have to roll the dice and move according to the numbers on the dice.

The players can either take the left path or right path. Once they take the turn they cannot go in reverse.

The only way to change the direction is to go through the center and use the small diamond path.

Each turn you can move any one of your slider.

Step 4: About the Game: Rules

1. Compulsory 4 player game.

2. There are 4 kingdoms and each kingdom has 3 sliders.

3. Only one slider can move at a time.

4. The main aim is to defeat the other kingdoms sliders.

5. The players can go to the center and unlock the SUPER POWER.

6. At least one battle needs to be won to open the gates to get to the center.

7. The diagonal brown paths CAN NOT be used until at least one opponent is not defeated in a battle.

8. Each move is determined by the dice.

9. The game starts immediately through the first dice roll.

10. The player can take either paths for starting the game.

11. Once the path is chosen you cannot change your direction by reversing.

12. The direction can be changed by
manipulating your move and using the diamond paths.

13. You earn and lose cards according to the symbol on the board (check The Board instruction)

Step 5: About the Game: Rules (battle)

14. Battles begin after the players sliders land on the same square or are face to face.

15. Once a battle begins the players have to put one card face down (the other player doesn't know your card) and at the same time you reveal the card. The more powerful card wins.

16. Only one card is played per battle.

17. The winning player gets the losing player's card.

18. If the players pull out the same card, the card is put back in the deck and another card is played. GO BATTLE! 19. Once a slider kills another slider, only that slider can go in the center and unlock the super power for the other sliders.

20. SUPER POWER: All attacks can be done from 2-3 steps before.

21. Sigils (check under THE BOARD > SIGILS)

22. If you haven’t earned a power card and you land on the red sigil, you give the card once you get one.

23.During an attack if one player has no power card, he by default dies.

Step 6: About the Game: ​Visual Reference

check out the manual provided

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