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This is more of an assembly/mod project than built from scratch. I wanted to build my wife a nice wine bar for Christmas and this is what I came up with. We are both avid watersports people so I thought that a bar height wine rack with a teak swim platform from a ski boat would be a good look.

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Step 1: Preparing the Platform

The platform was virgin, had never been used before so the first step was to give it a bunch of coats of Starbrite teak oil. The oil really brings out the colors in the wood. Just apply with a stain pad and repeat over the course of a few days until the wood stops absorbing it.

Step 2: The Rack

Now, I did not build the rack - it was a kit/prebuilt from . It is natural pine and gets shipped flat packed. I ordered it without a top for my purposes. After a quick test I decided that black would be the right color so I took it all apart and sprayed each piece down with Kilz primer, which seems to stick the best for me without getting drippy. They a few coats of Rustoleum satin black. Once I re-assembled it I followed with some Rustoleum matte clear coat.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Final assembly was pretty simple. Predrill and countersink for some gold screws. You can also see the glass racks in the upside down picture. I still need to add some stops in the backs so that glasses cannot be pushed out the back of the racks. I also applied felt strips to the entire base of the rack since it was going to be sitting on a solid surface floor.

Step 4: Load It Up and Wait for Xmas Morning

Lugged it downstairs and loaded it up. Learned that the rack did not accommodate Champaign bottles. Typically we don't have any, these were just leftovers from my sons wedding. The rack holds 42 bottles and 8 glasses if you really load it up. Got a few stainless accessories and it was ready to go.

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