Boat Project




Introduction: Boat Project

By: Yohan Y., Alejandro P., Muhammed A.

Boat Name: Flash

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Step 1: Lay Out Your Materials

We used cardboard, duct tape, and waterproof spray. We used waterproof spray on the outside of the boat. We chose duct tape because it makes the boat sturdier and more waterproof, so does the waterproof spray.

Step 2: Create Your Base

We cut out 2 layers of cardboard to use as our base for our boat.

Step 3: Build Up the Sides

start folding up the sides of the boat and duct taping the sides.

Step 4: Finish Building Up Your Boat

Finish putting together the sides of boat

Step 5: Tape the Edges

Tape the edges of your boat to prevent any water from leaking in.

Step 6: Tape the Outside of the Boat

Taping the outside of the boat will prevent the water from getting on the cardboard.

Step 7: Duct Tape the Rest of Your Boat

We double-layered our boat with duct tape to make sure it's waterproof.

Step 8: Decorate Your Boat

Our boat theme was the flash.

Step 9: Boat Video

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    2 years ago

    I like the design :)