Bob Beck Blood Purifier Casing With Adjustable Electrode Sliders




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For those of you who are not familiar with this device checkout by regular medical sciences but has cured so may people. This casing is for one of the devices of the Bob Beck protocol, the blood purifier. For good results please use the whole protocol and not only this device. The electronics involved are expanded with a little voltage trippler which makes it possible to use one 9 volt battery. This design has the cheapest method for adding cotton to the electrodes by using simple cotton buds. You can slide the electrodes for the right position to the blood vessels at your wrists.This casing is open source, make it better at modify parts on Tinkercad

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Step 1: Complete Set to Print in 3D

Layer height for 3D printing is 0.2mm. You may use ABS or PLA it makes not really much difference for these objects. It is important to make the cotton buds wet with water which has salt in it. This is necessary to make the conductance the best for the pulsing trough your skin to the blood vessels otherwise it seems like the pulsing does not work at all. Start the first day with 8 minutes and every next day 8 minutes longer until you reach 2 hours a day for 2 months. Again please read and use the whole protocol from Bob to clean your blood and take back your power!.

Step 2: Assembling the Parts

As always the parts need a little tweaking to make them fit or slide well.

Step 3: The Electronics

Here the PCB with a voltage tripler to make it possible to use one 9 volt battery. I cut the blades for the electrodes out of a stainless steel diner plate.

Step 4: Complete Assembled Casing

Make the cotton buds wet with water which has some salt diluted in it. This is important to make the conductance the best for the pulsing trough your skin to the blood vessels otherwise it seems like the pulsing does not work at all.

Over here the STL-files for printing the parts

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    2 years ago

    My wife's father in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given 6 months to live from these so called ama rockafeller doctors, 1 month on the Clark protocol and his white cell count was completely normal. The doctors thought there was a mistake in his lab work so they tested him again to be sure, they were clueless especially when he told them about Clark's device/treatment he had been using. He went on to live another 11 years and he made the decision to end his therapy and return to regular living. This caused the cancer to return and he entered into traditional chemo/radiation therapy, he was dead within 7 months. These alternative therapies are no joke and are in no way an easy life style, i have lost all hope in western medical(allopathetic therapy).

    diy tech

    4 years ago

    Sorry, but I have to agree with kiteman. These type of items have been going around for centuries. They may work as a placebo effect for some, but in reality do nothing to actually help the patient. Modern day snake oil, people preying on the gullible for their money.

    1 reply
    jbrown193diy tech

    Reply 4 years ago

    Indeed. As I'm fond of saying: If alternative medicine worked, it would just be called medicine.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Its a protocol with more devices than only this one. Especially in the USA regular medical science don't like this at all. When it come out the article suddenly disappeared from several library's WHY! You should think that every new invention must be examined if it does something good to peoples health. Bob said, "A cured patient is a lost customer". What that means is very clear to me.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It didn't disappear from anywhere. The reason US (and UK and European) medical establishments "don't like" the device is because it doesn't work, and the later stages of the "protocol" are actually harmful to human health (it is actually illegal to advertise the device in the UK and Europe because of the protocols hazardous nature, and the complete lack of reliable evidence to back up the claims).

    I absolutely agree that new health devices devices should be examined. Becks system was, which is why no sane doctor will suggest it to their patients, for fear of being struck off for medical negligence (to paraphrase Beck, a dead patient is a lost patient).


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Don't be too interested - it's a four step process, the first two are woowoo, but basically harmless, the third is mildly deleterious, the fourth is actively hazardous to human health.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    So what does it remove from your blood to make it more pure?