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Introduction: Bob the Robot - Arduino Robot Framework

Hello there fellow makers!

I've been looking for a nice robot framework and I've tried out many of these ... eventually (like most programmers do ) I've decided that I should develop my own robot framework!

So What it is so special about 'Bob The Robot' ?

  • It uses two Ultrasonic Sensors so your robot can respond faster
  • It uses a pair of geared n20 motors ( I use 1:100 reduction ) so you can get some power and nice speed
  • Wheels, Frame and robot body can be 3D printed
  • It's cheap!

This robots is part of my robot swarm project, so you can build more than one :)

Step 1: 3D Printing and Assembly

To build a Bob you'll need :

  • 3D print the frame, wheels and some more parts which can be found here
  • m3 screws (10mm should be fine) and nuts
  • 2x 60mm x 3.5mm Mechanical Nitrile Rubber O Ring Oil Seal W6 ( for tires )
  • Brass Knurl Nuts M3*4mm (used for the m3 screws)

You'll also need the following parts for electronics :

  • Arduino nano
  • Arduino nano sensor shield
  • Mini L293D Motor Shield
  • 2x Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Sensor
  • 2x n20 100RPM Mini Metal Gear Motor
  • Battery to power the whole thing, I’ve used Wild Scorpion 7.4V 1100mAh due to its compact size
  • Mini 2 Pin SPST ON-OFF Switch 8.5x13.5MM ( can be found on ebay)
  • Some wires to connect the modules (mostly female-to-female )

Step 2: Run It!

Now you'll have to connect all the parts together and write some code, I'll post some code samples soon, so stay tuned!



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    11 Discussions

    how you do to know with the ultrasonic sensor if it had a down stairs or a hole ??

    1 reply

    its quite simple, just use an ultrasonic sensor facing down ( to the ground or someting ) . BTW, you can also use IR sensor for that, they work well in such situations.

    how you do to know with the ultrasonic sensor if it had a down stairs or a hole ??


    2 years ago

    Cool project. I'm looking forward for code samples because I'm also using two ultrasonic sensors in my robot and I can't make them work properly.

    1 reply

    thanks, I'll upload some code samples soon.

    Nice project. We like to use Dagu Micro Magician controllers for our robots. They give most of the functions of your group of parts in a small footprint. They do cost about twice what you have in parts so it is a tradeoff. Good luck.

    1 reply

    thanks, I was not familiar to Micro Magician and will check it out. I'm actually working on my own board. My main issue is that I need to do stuff asynchronously, move the robot, play sound and in the same time maintain IR communication (more on that in my post), to support this I've designed a board with two atmega320's.

    I'll soon publish my progress with the board, I've sent the PCB's it to pcbway so I'm exited :)