Bobbin-winding a Reel With Thread.




Using the bobbin winder of your sewing machine and a modified thread reel, you can wind thread onto the reel to get multiple reels of thread in the same colour, which is perfect for multi-thread machines when you really want a certain colour!

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Step 1: A Little About Myself...

Step 2: WHY?

Step 3: Requirements.

Step 4: Trim the Bottom Lip of the Empty Reel Spindle.

Step 5: Whittle the End of the Chopstick/additional Reel/spool Holder With the Stanley Knife/scalpel to Fit the Spindle of Your Sewing Machine's Bobbin Winder.

Step 6: Thread Up Your Sewing Machine for Bobbin Winding and Attach the Thread-end to the Reel. Position the Reel Onto the Bobbin Winder, Then the Chopstick Down Through the Center of the Reel Into the Mouth of the Winder's Spindle - Firmly.

Step 7: Using Slow Speed, Guide the Thread With Your Fingers Lightly and Evenly Onto the Rotating Reel.

Step 8: When Finished, Cut the Thread and Remove the Chopstick and Reel. Swap the Modified Spindle for an Unmodified One and You're Good to Go!

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    3 years ago

    thank you for such a great idea :-) I love it I have been trying to work out how to do something like this for a while :-) as I have a few different brands of sewing machines which I inherited I will have to check them all out to see which one will be the best to use for doing this :-) as 90% of my threads are of that brand I should not have a problem of doing this :-) thanks :-)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    You are very welcome! Happy sewing!


    3 years ago

    a really great idea. you did an excellent job documenting your process. keep up the good work.


    Great sewing trick. This is a great way to buy one large spool and stretch it out over multiple reels.