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Introduction: Body Worlds

This homemade costume was inspired by the international science and art exhibit "Body Worlds." I purchased a mannequin and padded it to be my dimensions (she was skinnier than me, go figure :)  ). I purchased a plain black lycra full body cat suit, and put it on the mannequin to paint.  Using water based fabric paint and a variety of brush sizes, I hand painted the deteriorating skeletal and muscular systems on to the suit, and then on to old black clogs and stretchy gloves.  I used regular acrylic paint to paint the brains on to a latex skull cap, although it flakes off fairly easily and needs occasional touch ups.  I sewed some painted canvas strips on to the neckline to give an aspect of three dimensionality, and to show the skin peeling off a bit.  I also sewed pieces of beef jerky on to the costume for an extension of the painted muscles in a few places (this was a big hit with the two pit bulls at my friend's house party, unfortunately). The fake skin was made with unflavored Knox gelatin mixed with hot water, and then applied to my face after it had cooled/thickened a bit.  Last, I applied face paint to my face and neck, creating the spinal cord in the back, neck muscles and throat, and keeping my face a bright pink while painting the eyebrows and lips a yellow-ish white (true to the exhibit). 

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    Looks like someone escaped from Ramsay Bolton! Very clever.

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

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    You are so creative and talented! This costume deserves to win! BTW, did you replace the beef jerky? :)

    Thank you, all! The morph suit is a great idea, and I had to look up Slim Goodbody. What a guy. I'd say we should go on a date, but I think you're right -- I'm more the rebellious, angsty sister.

    This is gorgeous and spooky! Very impressive. You're like Slim Goodbody's gruesome sister!

    Wow! Now this is a costume! A lot of creativity and love in making this. This gives me ideas for my next zombie walk. I can do partial parts like this, painted on a legging or a tight long sleeves that can be seen through ripped clothing. You certainly have my vote! :)

    This is a fantastic costume. If you make another one and want to avoid needing the skull cap and gloves you might try a morph suit ( with the face cut out of the hood.

    Very cool! Last year I painted a skeleton onto black leggings and a turtle neck, and that was very difficult and time consuming. So I really appreciate this. And it's a great idea.

    Thanks, y'all! @aliencatx, I've basically done this on streets downtown: very fun. :) Exhilarating to feel like some kind of androgynous super hero too-- running around abandoned city streets late at night (perhaps liberated to do so as no one really wants to mess with this get-up). @ericCycles, good idea with the liquid latex! Next time.... I didn't go black with the nose b/c I wanted to stay true to the "Body Worlds" inspiration with this one.

    Loved your costume; it got my vote!

    I've had similar ideas in the past but never implemented. Did you consider using dimensional paint or mixing pigments with liquid latex to get depth?

    I might have been tempted to do the nose black except for a white line of cartilage.

    That is awesome but if I saw you id have to run like hell. This is going to scare so many people. What you do is stand still next to a building or something and when people get close enough move. Game over man you can keep the candy lol.

    Great work, very creative

    Oh, my word, that is both deeply gruesome and true artistry!