Body Armor

This is a Body armor made out of knex. It was meant to look like a SWAT armor. You can move propperly in it.

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Step 1: The Shoulder Straps

Make these things. Connect them as you see on the photo. And repeat this to make the straps longer.

Step 2: The Belt

Make as you see on the photos the belt longer.

Step 3: Other Parts

this are some photos from different angles and photos of the armor plate

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    knex armour is pointless in a war because its like paintball, u get hit and ur out, amrour wont helo u not getting hit

    4 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes. But the point of armor in K'nex wars is both to make it not hurt as well as providing an easy way to attach weapons to your body. Why do you think they allow some body armor in paintball? So you don't get badly injured. This can happen with K'nex guns, namely anyone who is stupid enough to get between me and my destination, as well as anyone stupid enough to get between a K'nex cannon and, well, whatever it's pointed at ATM. In many cases, the ammo from a K'nex gun will go spinning, so the small bit of separation and solidity provided by the armor could stop you from getting hurt. A lot. For example, my favorite type of gun can shoot a lightly sharpened piece through almost a centimeter of solid plastic at point blank, while at three feet it can't get through that amount of cardboard. Even a slingshot gun's ammo spins, wobbles, deviates from its course enough that simple armor could stop you from getting a hole put in your torso by the jerk who brought a sniper rifle and sharpened ammo to the war. In short, don't doubt the usefulness of armor in any case. And anyway, in many cases a war has points, or simply a number of times you can get hit with a particular type of weapon before being out. It's much more complicated than paintball. For example, it's often done in small enough areas and teams that you know when the game is over and recognize your teammates. Paintball, not so much. Shot my teammate in the back. After the game had ended.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Master Chief helmet. But to be honest, what type of 'special person' is going to shoot someone in the face with that?

    knexguyThe Jamalam

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    LMFAO! And it's not often I use acronyms. Yet another example of how things can be percieved horrifically differently than how they were meant to be.


    i made the master chief helmet and i put an antenna on top and it hit almost hit the ceiling because i was using gray rods and orange connectors....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Not sure how effective the arm protection would be ;) Not bad, but not really any use in a war.

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