BoeKeto One

Step 1: Cut White Onions

Step 2: Cube a Pan

Step 3: Chop a Broc

Tonight. I'm going all stems.

Step 4: Fry Up Cubed Beef

thought to add Curry Decided pepper. Over med low heat. 7ish minutes.

Step 5: Add Onion & Broc


Step 6: Open, Stir, Sesame Oil

Step 7: Top Broc Florets

Had a change of heart. Decided it needed more volume cause of the pool of flavor. Poured on top of cut florets.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like where this is going! I especially like the surprise twist at the end. Perhaps you could discuss the origins of the title BoeKeto One?

    2 replies

    Ha! Thanks! Yeah, certainly. It's my focus on 'Back of the Envelope Keto'. I've had people keep getting on me about my food pics, and have been looking for a nice way to document the concoctions as I make them up, and perhaps this is what I'm looking for!

    I've recently stumbled into a world of 'Keto' and have begun cooking under these creative culinary restraints.

    What do you think of Instructables as a platform for this? I'd love to have my things be ab eBook for myself afterwards.


    I love the idea! But I've never heard of Keto before. I think if you were to create a collection of these, they might benefit from a little more information about amounts, and cooking times, etc. And you might consider a naming system to keep track of them once you've amassed a group. I think it's a great idea, and I think this is the perfect place for it!