Introduction: Boffers

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Boffers are fun to play with other people. The rules are simple. Try and hit the arms and legs. A chest or back hit is a death. If you do get hit on the arm or leg it gets chopped off (meaning you cannot use any more until the next round).If or when you die you are out until the next round. No head shots.

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Step 1: Gather Material


Pool Noodles

PVC pipes


Measuring stick

knife of sorts

Duct tape

Something to cut the PVC (pipe cutters work the best)

Step 2: Pipe Cutting

Measure the PVC pipe to the length that you would like to fight with. Then using your pipe cutters of sorts cut the pipe. I would have used my pipe cutters, but as you can see in the picture of the materials mine are pretty messed up.

Step 3: Cut and Cover

Now when you hit someone you don't want to be whacking them with a hard stick so you cover it in pool noodles. Leaving at least 7-8 in. on the bottom for the handle, make the pool noodle 2-3 in. longer than the tip of the PVC. This is for just in case when you stab someone you won't get a stomach full of hard PVC but instead a soft pool noodle. then shove the PVC into the pool noodle leaving the 2-3 in. on the end.

Step 4: Cross Guard

This step is for the cross guard. Cut a piece of pool noodle at least 6-7 in.. Now cut a hole straight through the middle of the cross guard piece. Now slide this part onto the handle end of the sword.

Step 5: Hilt

Cut an inch long piece for the end or hilt of the sword. You can either shape this into a square for more detail or leave it a circle for simplicity.

Step 6: Covering the Blade

For the blade you are going to want to cover it lengthwise in duct tape. Continue covering until the whole blade is covered.

Step 7: Covering the Crossguard

While covering the crossguard you are going to want to cover it lengthwise as well. Make any extra cuts to the tape needed to make it form to the blade. Where the handle and the blade extrude from the crossguard put tape from where it comes out to the end and repeat on the other side. To make sure everything is covered you may want to put a few thin strips in the corners.

Step 8: Covering the Handle

In this step you put a strip of duct tape on the handle and again make any cuts necessary to make it flush and wrap around the hilt nicely.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Now that you are done: Make a couple more, invite some friends over and have some fun!

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Looks really fun! I am DEFINITELY going to try this!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I believe, the rules are No head shots, No hand, or groin. (I.E. No slapping the hands, and hitting between the legs, is pure cheap-Shot! (and painful!) I've made boffer's like this too. I used to carry two, HUGE (3" dia.) swords, named Hammer & Strike, the Twin Sisters of the Half-Moon. (both were assembled on a night there was a 1/2-moon, 2 weeks before the LARP.) Using Metalized tape (Duck Brand, WalMart) for the blade, Brown friction tape for the hilt & pommel, and took the time to wrap the handle with thin hemp rope. (Sewing/Crafts, Also WalMart). They were like swinging tree branches because of their wind drag, But I more than made up for them. Sir Stephen William Greiss, Earl of Lansmith, allied to the realm of Autumn Winds.


    Great work. This looks like fun. I might have to make something like this for the kids. It could be really fun.


    5 years ago

    We played a game like this as kids, but we didn't have foam. Ours were homemade bokken you just had to be nicer on the hits.

    Ryan MacKenzie
    Ryan MacKenzie

    5 years ago

    I completely forgot about this game. Thanks for reminding me of some great times as a kid.


    5 years ago